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Trusting Equus

“Fear is excitement without the breath.” - Fritz Perlz

Equine Gestalt ​Coaching

Let us help you find your breath!


Trusting Equus offers ​unique programs and ​services to heal the human ​heart through horses. ​Each experience removes ​the blocks that keep you ​stuck and gives you ​access to your greatest ​potential. One on One or ​small group coaching, and ​workshops and retreats ​are available.

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Bringing you back to wholeness

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Out of your head, into your body

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Proven methods

Meet Renee. +

The Herd

This is Renee with Indie, after her first equine gestalt coaching demo. Little did she know this 30 minutes would change the trajectory of her life as she knew it. Renee is grateful for the magic that happened that day. She has always believed in the kaleidoscope of life and has embraced her journey of growth and learning. Renee is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, friend, coach, consultant, educator, mentor and so much more (little did she realize). Her background is in business, education and entrepreneurship. With the first mindfulness based, Montessori inspired preschool in the country and a thriving coaching and consulting business, she has guided 1000's on their journey to more ease and joy in their life. Renee cannot wait to meet you and share her story + show you the healing benefits of the herd. Renee has 25+ years of experience working with leaders and families.

Our Healing Herd



16.3 HH

21 years old


Gypsy Vanner

14.2 HH

3 years old


Mini Gypsy Vanner

11.3 hh

7 years old

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